Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BYE-BYE TROPICS -- I finished my Costa Rica story last month. And like from any good vacation, it's taking me a while to get back into the swing of things. This book was hard to walk away from, just because I had so much fun writing it. IN HOT WATER (my working title) is an August release from Silhouette Romantic Suspense and I have to admit, it was probably the most fun of any of my books. I loved the hero (very sexy biologist Ren Galvez) and the heroine seems like an old friend. Their story was a grand romantic adventure and I learned tons about the rainforest canopy, about sea turtles and about the incredible biodiversity of this small country. I feel like an expert now. If you're heading to the Osa Peninsula any time soon and need some info, I'm your go-to gal .

So in just the space of a few days, I've now jetted across several countries (in my mind at least!) and I'm now working on the first book in a new trilogy for Silhouette Special Edition, this one set in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It's a bit of a contrast to my system to jerk from steamy Costa Rica to the cool and moody Northwest but I'm adjusting.

I love to travel, though I don't get the chance as much as I would like. I think one of the truly magical things about being a writer is the opportunity it provides me to absorb all these wonderful places without actually being there. I've written about lots of places I've never been. Now that I've spent months researching Costa Rica, you can bet I'm adding it to my personal must-do list. I've also written about places I've visited before that somehow have seeped into my consciousness and become a part of me. The Oregon Coast is one of those places. Three years ago we spent a memorable week camping along the coast. What a gorgeous place! I'm re-living it all now as I write this story, remembering things that have slipped from my mind, and learning new things I'll keep with me for our next trip.

I find almost as much joy being a reader and visiting all these places through the wonderful words of others. What about you? What's your favorite place you've never been?