Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I mailed off my Costa Rica proposal today. What a great feeling! I'm especially excited about this one -- love the characters, love the story, love the sheer adventure of it. I spent far too much time researching the story because I was having too much fun looking up websites and dreaming.

But the fantasy is over for a while and now it's back to the cold. Though it's technically spring, we've had snow for the last week. To make matters worse, even when the weather warms up, as I have high hopes it will soon, I'll be stuck in winter for awhile as my next book is set in Utah in January.

Ah well. I'll always have Costa Rica to look forward too -- assuming my editor likes the idea!

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Mizzy said...

here's hoping your editor likes the idea. :) I just spent a very real weekend in Florida getting sunburned... now I'm back in the cold weather, I miss the sunshine more than ever! Come on, spring!