Saturday, March 18, 2006


Yesterday was a day off from writing for me.

I didn't intend it to be but it's always a little tough for me to get anything done on Fridays. My 8yo has early dismissal that day, which means I can't take the 2yo for our regular drive to get him to nap (yes, at almost 3 he thinks he's too big to nap so I have to trick him into it! He always sleeps in the car so his sneaky Mom schedules a little drive just about every afternoon when possible. I take my AlphaSmart and park somewhere in the mountains or the foothills overlooking the beautiful Cache Valley and write without distractions).

Anyway, that's usually not an option on Fridays since the 8yo gets out early. Instead, we decided to go to see the matinee of Curious George (very cute movie). I figured I would try to work in the evening, which is my usual time to write and just about the only relatively sure thing. Relatively is the key word there. Too bad for me, the 15yo's plans for the night fell through. I didn't want her to sit around by herself doing nothing all evening and being bored so we rented another DVD after the boys went to sleep -- Elizabethtown. Bizarre show but very engaging. I loved the characters in it and loved how the Kirsten Dunst character showed Orlando Bloom the beauty of life and how much he had to live for.

While I didn't write a word, I don't consider it a wasted day. I got some new ideas for what to do with my Costa Rica proposal that I'm trying to finish this weekend and I had a great time with all three of my kids.

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