Friday, June 04, 2010

I hope you're all having a wonderful late-spring/early summer! Things here are lush and green and spectacularly beautiful. In the high desert, we have to enjoy May and June while we can before everything starts to dry out!

I wanted to give you all a (last-minute!) heads-up that I'm signing books tonight, Friday June 4, at the Barnes & Noble at the Gateway in Salt Lake City from 6-9 p.m. This is a group booksigning with Bob Mayer, Victoria Dahl and several other great authors. For more information, check out -- I would love to see you there :)

Also, I'm very pleased to announce that it looks as if my entire H/S backlist has been made available in digital form. In the last few weeks, Silhouette has released all of my previous books as ebooks, as far as I can tell :) So if there's one of my earlier titles you've had a tough time tracking down, you can now find it in many different e-formats through various ebook retailers. Amazon,, eHarlequin, etc. Yay!

My other exciting news is that I'll be writing a new single-title series for HQN, a trilogy centered around a bead store in the fictional tourist town of Hope, Colorado. I'm so excited to introduce these stories and will definitely have more info for readers as the first release date, June 2011, draws closer. Right now the series is called BEADS OF HOPE and the first book is tentatively titled STRINGS ATTACHED. I'm not sure whether either of those names will stick but I'll let you know!

But never fear, I'm not turning my back on the good folks of Cold Creek. I also just agreed to write four more COLD CREEK books for Silhouette Special Edition -- the first one will be a December 2011 title and will feature a sexy police chief I'm introducing in A COLD CREEK BABY (SSE October 2010) which is the long-awaited story of Cisco and Easton. I just finished my last edits of BABY and I must confess, I'm crazy about Cisco and hope my readers fall for him too :)

So to sift through all the barrage of information ... here are my upcoming release dates for the next several months (titles/dates after the first three are tentative)

A COLD CREEK BABY -- SSE -- October 2010
A THUNDER CANYON CHRISTMAS -- SSE (Montana Mavericks) -- December 2010
UNBROKEN CORDS -- HQN -- June 2012

There will be three more SSEs interspersed in there somewhere but they haven't been slated yet. I will, of course, keep you all updated.

Thanks so much for your emails and especially for enjoying my books. You all make this crazy writing life so much sweeter!

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