Friday, January 22, 2010

My new book is out!

I'm so excited that book two in my latest COWBOYS OF COLD CREEK trilogy is now in stores. A COLD CREEK SECRET is a February release from Silhouette Special Edition. Here's the back cover blurb: Just back from a tour of duty, all Major Brant Western wanted was a hot meal and a warm bed. What he didn't need was the stunning socialite in disguise who'd just shown up at his family's Cold Creek ranch. Scandal trailed bad girl Mimi Van Hoyt -- aka "Maura" everywhere she went. But once Brant discovered her secret, how could he turn her away?

Being stranded in the middle of a nowhere in a blizzard was not Mimi's idea of a fun time in the Tetons. Then why was she starting to think this sexy soldier could be more than her shelter from the storm? And the more determined Brant was to protect her and her unborn child, the more she believed that this honorable, irresistible military man was the only man for her."

I so loved writing Brant and Mimi's story. He was so serious and solemn and, more than anything, needed someone to show him how to have fun and laugh again. And Mimi was such a complicated character. She became one of my all-time favorite heroines! On the surface, they might have seemed complete opposites, but they were really absolutely perfect for each other.

Up next will be Cisco and Easton's story :) I'm writing it now and having a wonderful time wrapping up this latest series of Cold Creek books. As always, I'm going to be sorry to leave!

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Crazy BD said...

I just received your latest book by mail yesterday and read it last night. I love Brant and Mimi's story. The difference's between to couple's backgrounds add an interesting twist to the story. Both have had family problems in the past and both blame them selves they have no control over. It is a very happy and sad book that keeps you interested right up to the very last page and then you want more because you want to be there when the baby is born. Another great reading experience and can't wait to read Easton and Cisco's story as well. Keep up the good wotk and thanks for another well written book.