Friday, August 28, 2009

My new book is out! A COLD CREEK HOMECOMING is a September release from Silhouette Special Edition and will be on shelves for about a month. Here's a sample of a quick Q&A I did for the SSE Authors blog at eHarlequin  (and I'm giving away a copy of the book if you stop there and post).

* Where did you get the idea for A COLD CREEK HOMECOMING?

I've always loved reunion stories. It's one of my favorite themes and when I was coming up with the idea for a second trilogy in my ongoing COWBOYS OF COLD CREEK series, I knew I wanted one of my characters to be reunited with someone from his past. Because of his difficult history, my hero wasn't an easy teenager and I knew in high school, he had good reason for his reputation as a rough-edged bad boy. He had seen terrible things and that hardened him somewhat compared to others his age. The idea of the homecoming queen/studentbody president/head cheerleader having a secret crush on him all those years ago was undeniably appealing. Now he's back in Cold Creek and not sure if he's willing to bury the hatchet, even as he sees that his old nemesis Tess Claybourne, while still as lovely as ever, appears to have changed drastically.

* Tell us about the hero of the book? Why will we fall in love with him?

Quinn Southerland was a damaged kid who found his place in the world with a wonderful older couple, the Winders, who fostered him and two others, Brant Western and Cisco Del Norte, at their ranch in Cold Creek Canyon. Together with the Winder's niece Easton Springhill, the four of them were inseparable as kids. Jo Winder called them her Four Winds because of their directionally linked names. Quinn was driven and determined to make something of himself. He's found immense success in business in the Pacific Northwest but he drops everything to rush to his gravely ill foster mother's side -- and is stunned to find Tess Claybourne working as Jo's hospice nurse.

* Tell us about the heroine. Why is she the absolute perfect woman for the hero?

Well, in the beginning, Quinn would have considered Tess the last person on the planet he would have considered the "absolute perfect" woman for him. Tess treated Quinn abominably in high school. She had been fiercely attracted to him and when he rejected her, she didn't take it well. But that was years ago and life's challenges have shaped her into a far different person than that spoiled, petulant little girl. She wants desperately for Quinn to see the woman she has become and to give her one last chance. Throughout the course of A COLD CREEK HOMECOMING, Quinn begins to yearn for the serenity that seems to surround Tess. 

* What can you tell us about the other books in the new series of Cold Creek books?

I'm finishing up the second book right now, actually. A COLD CREEK SECRET is a February 2010 release and features Army Maj. Brant Western, another of the Winder foster kids, who has returned to Pine Gulch while on leave from overseas service to take care of his own small ranch near the Winder Ranch. The peace he usually finds there is shattered when favorite tabloid socialite Mimi Van Hoyt crashes her Mercedes outside the gates of his ranch in the middle of a blizzard -- and then tries to connive her way into hiding out under the protection of the sexy soldier. Their story has been a blast to write and I'm loving them both! 

The final book is still untitled and I don't know a release date but I'm guessing it will be sometime late summer or early fall 2010. Easton Springhill has loved Cisco Del Norte since the moment he showed up at her aunt and uncle's ranch as a grieving twelve-year old foster child. They shared one unforgettable night together several years ago but afterward he completely shut her out of his life as he wandered Latin America doing things she doesn't dare guess at. When he shows up out of the blue at her ranch, wounded and tormented, with a beautiful dark-eyed little girl in his arms, Easton must put aside her heartache and her questions to help him with the baby ... and possibly help Cisco -- and herself -- heal in the process.

And not to be too confusing, but in the middle of this new trilogy of books, I've got one more COLD CREEK book coming out that revisits the Dalton family, the subjects of my first COWBOYS OF COLD CREEK trilogy. A COLD CREEK HOLIDAY will be a December 09 release and will wrap up SSE's Famous Family promotion. The book features all the Daltons as well as a couple of newcomers to Pine Gulch, one with a secret that could change everything ...

* Why will readers enjoy this book?

I hope they will be touched and uplifted by Quinn and Tess's story, in the redeeming power of love and second chances! Even though there's a certain unavoidable poignancy to some parts of the book, the underlying theme is, I think, one of brightness and hope and healing. 

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A Cold Creek Homecoming sounds excellent. I LOVE a good reunion story. Looking forward to reading it!