Friday, May 01, 2009


Dragging my head up from deadline insanity to let my readers know my latest book is in stores! FORTUNE'S WOMAN is a May release from Silhouette Special Edition and is part of the Return to Red Rock continuity, the latest installment of books that follow the very popular Fortune family. I loved this book! Writing a continuity book can sometimes be challenging because authors are given an outline of the characters and a few basic plot elements that have to be included to make the continuity work with the other books. Everything else is entirely my own but sometimes it's hard to make the story feel like it belongs to me ... but from the very first moment I started writing Ross and Julie's story, I loved them both!

Here's a little sample of a Q&A I did for the Silhouette Special Edition blog  that tells a little about the book. You can read the whole thing at the blog or read an excerpt from the book at my website.

* Tell us a little about FORTUNE'S WOMAN.

This is Book 5 in the RETURN TO RED ROCK continuity that follows the very popular Fortune family. Ross Fortune is a private investigator with a troubled past. When his sister is accused of a terrible crime, he turns to lovely family therapist Julie Osterman to help him deal with the sudden demands of becoming instant guardian to his nephew.

* Tell us about the hero of the book? Why will we fall in love with him?

I loved Ross. He definitely reached out and grabbed my heart! He tries so hard to be tough and self-sufficient, not depending on anyone. But inside he craves the very thing he's fighting against, letting someone into his life.

* Tell us about the heroine. Why is she the absolute perfect woman for the hero?

Julie is strong and courageous, very much a caretaker. She sees past all of Ross's defenses to the man inside. She has been through a rough past, with a husband who died tragically, but she hasn't let that stop her from opening herself up to the world and embracing life.

* What life-lesson do your H/H have to learn before they can find their happily-ever-after?

Ross has to learn there is no weakness in depending on someone else for once, that he can find great peace and healing when he allows Julie into his life and his heart. Julie has to learn to trust her heart and realize that though Ross doesn't make it easy for her to love him, the payoff is worth it!


Becca J. Heath said...

Your book sounds fabulous! Can't wait to read Ross and Julie's story!
I look forward to finding it on the shelf soon (not sure how quick Aussie releases are.).

RaeAnne Thayne said...

Thanks Becca! I wish I could give you more information about Aussie releases. I usually only find out when I get the author copies in the mail or email from readers Down Under! Let me know when you see it :)