Thursday, February 05, 2009


The February blahs have set in at my house. We have 18 inches of snow out front, are trapped by the mountains in an ugly bad-air inversion and like the rest of you, are being relentlessly bombarded with bad news after bad news.

But am I depressed? No way! Yes, I might be a Pollyanna but as I type this, I am thinking about all the reasons I have to be happy right this moment.

I have a wonderful little book called 14,000 Things to be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer. My mom bought it for me years and years ago when I was going through a painful time and thought all the sunshine had been sucked away from my world. When I'm down, I can turn to this book and it invariably lifts my spirits and reminds me of how much I love life. It's a massive list, really, of all that's right in the world and helps me regain perspective and perhaps reminds me to open my eyes to everything good in front of me. Here are a few of those 14,000 things Ms. Kipfer lists:

blackberry tea
finding a place for yourself
chocolate buttercream frosting
the art of knowing what to overlook
cobblestone streets
making toast with homemade bread
soft, wet kisses and very big hugs
sighs and whisperings

I was reading a magazine the other day and they recommended one way to avoid stress in your life is to look around you and write down five things you see right this minute that make you happy. So I'm extending the challenge to you. Here are mine ...

• The sheer aesthetic beauty of my 24" silver iMac (yes, I'm bragging )
• The world (and my friends!) always at my fingertips through a high-speed Internet connection
• Ice cubes melting in cold, clean water
• Cinnamon and clove room spray
• The freedom and space and desire inside me to create

What about you? What makes you happy today, right this moment? 

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