Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summertime and the living is easy.


Not here, I'm afraid. During the other three seasons of the year, I always picture summer as a nice, slow inner tube float down a torpid creek, where we just drift on the current and enjoy the sunshine and the scenery. Ha! From the moment school ended at the end of May, we've been on Class V rapids, dodging precarious boulders and time-sucking whirlpools. It seems like we race from T-ball to Cub Scouts to family events to swim lessons. Last night alone, we had four commitments and ended up ducking out of two of them and squeezing the others in somehow (and somehow found time in there to keep the lawn watered, the kids fed and the minivan gassed up!).

I know it's all part of this season of our lives. In some distant, murky future, we will miss this chaotic time, when the whitewater slows to a quiet trickle of activity. That seems a long time away right now!

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