Friday, September 15, 2006


Okay, I've decided I must be the world's worst blogger. I've had gentle reminders from a couple of readers that it has been a long time since I've blogged anything. I knew it had been awhile, but imagine my surprise after checking my blog to find I apparently haven't had anything to say since April! My apologies for being such a slacker. I can only say it's been a pretty intense summer and I've been running in a hundred different directions.

But school has started again (happy day!) so I hope I'll have a little more time for some of these minor details like finishing my book that's due in a few days.

As intense as the summer has been, it's also been wonderful, one of those rare and precious seasons that seem to reinvigorate the senses. I've had great time with family -- my own kids and my extended family -- and I feel like in a lot of ways I've discovered great joy in writing again.

I've always loved to write but juggling a pretty intense home life and a busy writing career often has left me more exhausted than enthused about the prospect of trying to create anything. Something has changed in the last few months. I find myself loving the process again, rediscovering the wonder of creating a story out of nothing but my imagination.

I'm working on finishing my Costa Rica story that I talked about early in my blogging days and I've had wonderful fun with these characters. The hero is truly larger-than-life and the heroine is funny and spunky and flawed. Every time I sit down to write, I'm transported to a lush, gorgeous jungle and caught up in their adventure. It's different from any story I've written -- maybe why I've been enjoying the process so much!

I expect to be insanely busy the next few weeks trying to finish IN HOT WATER so I may not blog as often as I like, but I swear it won't be six months again before my next entry!

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