Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My baby turns three today!

I'm having a tough time believing he's that old. Seems like only yesterday, he was a plump little thing wearing sunglasses and lying under the bilirubin lights at the hospital. Now he's a plump little thing galloping around the house in his new Bob the Builder T-shirt!

It amazes me how one little man seems to infuse so much energy and joy into a family. The four of us were a pretty happy unit before he came along but this one just seems to have finished the circle.

I know people who don't have any children and claim they have no desire for them. If that is their choice, fine, but I'm sad for them. I wouldn't trade one single day spent as my kids' mother. Even on the days when my 15 yo wants to argue about everything from whether 4 ounces of milk is enough for breakfast to whether her homework is technically done if she only has one more algebra problem to do (it's not!). Even on the days when I'm heartsore and weary after the 8 year old is having a bad night and not sleeping well and I can't figure out what's wrong. Even when the 3 year old dumps the flour container and the sugar container and three boxes of cereal all over the floor.

Sure, it makes my writing life a challenge. Most days I don't have a second to write until after the younger two are in bed. Unlike my husband, night has never been my most productive time but I've had to learn to adapt. When I have a deadline, I don't have a choice. If that's the only time I've got, that's the time I have to use! But it's certainly not easy. Until I had kids, I never realized it was literally possible to fall asleep at my computer, my fingers still moving convulsively on the keyboard.

Still, they're worth all the sacrifice and the late hours and the lack of sleep. My 3yo ran to me first thing this morning, threw his arms around me and asked if I wanted a birthday hug or a birthday kiss. I chose both. Wouldn't you?

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