Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm trying to come up with a PDF of some printable bookmarks to put on my website. I didn't want to just be a publicity tramp and put my upcoming books on them so I'm looking for good quote about books. I've found some great ones, quotes that remind me how very much I love books and reading. How fortunate I have been because I developed a love of reading at a very early age (I'm not very crafty but I stitched a sampler for my mom a few years back with an old saying: More blessed than me you will never be, for I had a mother who read to me.

Anyway, I found this quote today when I was looking for book quotes. It's a little long for a bookmark so I'll post it here. I'll let you know when I finish the bookmark project and post it to my website ...

There are books so alive that you're always afraid that while you weren't reading, the book has gone and changed, has shifted like a river; while you went on living, it went on living too, and like a river moved on and moved away. No one has stepped twice into the same river. But did anyone ever step twice into the same book?
* Marina Tsvetaeva

I would love to hear your favorite quotes about reading or books.


Marianne Arkins said...


I just had to tell you that I'm reading your backlised book "The Quiet Storm" and thoroughly enjoying it. I had already started and discarded three other books from the same line, so the fact that I'm halfway through says something.

I'm going to look for your new stuff -- thanks!

RaeAnne Thayne said...

You're very welcome Marianne! I'm glad you have enjoyed it!