Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It's tax time and I've spent the last two days going through receipts. I have an odd reaction to tax time. I dread it passionately, mostly because I find nothing sucks away my creativity like spending hours focusing on numbers and expenses. I also hate it because it feels like such a crap shoot. I never really know if I'm going to get a refund or end up getting stuck for a huge tax bill until my tax preparer flips her computer monitor around and shows me whether I've got a smiley face or a frowny face on the form! I always go with this huge ball of dread in my stomach. There's nothing worse than having to pay someone 400 bucks to tell me I owe the IRS a whole bunch more.

So dreading taxes is not the odd reaction I was talking about. I don't think there's anything abnormal about that -- most people do. While I loathe the process as much as the next person, at the same time I find myself enjoying going through my old checks and expenses and remembering. It's the one time I can look back at the year and relive some of those experiences. The special birthday dinner at a favorite restaurant. The campsite we always stay at in Island Park, where I took my 2 year old innertubing down the Buffalo River. The keyboard drawer I bought for myself on eBay that has made my writing time so much more ergonomically comfortable.

Still, I'll be glad to have it over Wednesday when we meet with our tax preparer. Maybe I'll even take my husband to dinner somewhere afterward, so I can look at the receipt for it next year when I'm doing taxes!

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